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With the Eyes of Love

With the Eyes of Love

We are there with the animals. Dispatches from the front line.

Av Christa Blanke.

Organisationen Animals' Angels har på nära håll iakttagit djurens väg till döden. Djurtransporternas verklighet skildras i personliga texter.

Anyone who becomes involved in the fate of “slaughter” animals will inevitably witness brutality and death on an unimaginable scale. Modern agribusiness pushes animals to the limits of their endurance. Their suffering takes place behind closed doors, away from the public gaze.

As a rule, protests against it remain ineffective. Anyone who really wants to know what is done to farm animals has to seek out the facts at auctions and animal markets. Anyone who wants to alleviate the misery of their last days must accompany the animals as they are transported to the slaughterhouse. Anyone who insists on respect and protection for these animals has to deal with veterinarians, officials, transporters, dealers and police.

The Rev. Christa Blanke, founder of Animals’ Angels, tells us about the people who endure with the animals, who are there when cows, pigs, hens are transported to their deaths. These people are little known. They shy away from the media. They have driven hundreds of thousands of kilometres on the roads of our planet. They have gathered evidence and prepared documents for legal cases. They enjoy universal respect from all those involved in the transport of animals. They were and are on the side of the animals, without compromises. This very personal account, this diary of hope, is about their lives on the front line.

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