We Animals

We Animals

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Av Jo-Anne McArthur.

Jo-Anne McArthur har med sin kamera dokumenterat djurs utsatthet under mer än ett decennium. Bilderna från hennes dokumentära projekt We Animals har använts av organisationer runt om i världen i deras arbete för djurs rättigheter.

Denna bok innehåller över 100 bilder, samt beskrivande texter. Illustrerar och undersöker hur djur behandlas när de används för att bli mat, modeprodukter, objekt för underhållning eller forskning, men också djur som räddas.

En fin bok med vackra bilder, men också en hemsk bok när den visar den verklighet som djur lever i runt om i världen, inkl Sverige.

Inbunden, 208 sidor. Engelsk text.


Sagt om boken:

"If ever there was a document that might cause human beings to reconsider our entire relationship to the animal world this hauntingly beautiful book is it." - Wade Davis, Explorer in Residence, National Geographic Society

"Powerfully disturbing. These images take us to dark and hidden places visited by only a few determined and courageous individuals like Jo-Anne McArthur. They reveal the secret practices that many people will not want to know about. For the animals’ sake, I beg that you will not only look but feel. For if we truly understand their suffering then, surely, we shall no longer condone it. And the heart-warming images at the end of the book show us the road to compassion." - Dr. Jane Goodall, primatologist and author, Reason for Hope

"Internationally renowned photographer Jo-Anne McArthur, whose stunning work is highlighted in the documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine, has done it once again. In We Animals, a riveting and timely book, Ms. McArthur invites us to reflect on the attitudes and norms of our so-called exceptional contemporary culture that range from the most reprehensible exploitation and abuse of other animals to loving them uncompromisingly with all our hearts. We Animals could well be one of the most important books in the past few years that compels us to ask who we are and who ‘they’ (other animals) are and to deeply reflect on how we must change our ways to make the world a safer, more peaceful and compassionate place for all beings." - Marc Bekoff, author, The Emotional Lives of Animals

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