Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows

Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows

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An Introduction to Carnism.

Av Melanie Joy.

This groundbreaking work explores how it is that we, as a culture, are so willing to eat some animals while we'd never dream of eating others. Our willingness to do that, says social psychologist Melanie Joy, is enabled only through denial. We ignore the facts - of animals' capacity for consciousness and their ability to feel pain, inhumane husbandry practices, that we don't need meat in our diet, and we most often live longer and better without it.

Joy examines corporate animal agribusiness, and the millions of dollars they spend creating the fiction that these animals live outside on idyllic farms. She encourages readers to become informed about the violence and suffering bound up with mainstream food choices, and to begin reducing consumption of animal products. Joy offers insight into regaining empathy for suffering farmed animals as part of a vital process of personal and societal integration, wherein values, beliefs, and behaviour come into harmony.

Häftad, 208 sidor. Engelsk text. 

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